Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jon Hecht, Candidate for State Representative

After seventeen months on the Presidential campaign trail, it's refreshing to return home to cover politics in the town where my campaign involvement began: Watertown, MA.

My current representative in the 29th Middlesex District, Rachel Kaprelian, has recently taken a job as the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and has left the district with the opportunity for a sticker/write-in campaign to fill her spot. Though Kaprelian was challenged in 2006 by Keith Mercurio, a Republican, she was running unopposed until she changed jobs.

A few days ago I received a flier for a ice cream social/meet the candidate event for Jon Hecht, so to feel like an informed voter and learn a thing or two about local politics I decided to stop by.

It was welcoming for once to attend a "campaign event" without much emphasis on issues like gay marriage, property taxes, or education policy?in other words, politics. here are sure to be debates and leaflets comparing the three Democratic candidates on certain issues (though I don't imagine there are too many differences between them), local politics revolves around volunteer organization and the mobilization of voters.

For what it's worth, Jon Hecht's campaign seems pretty darn organized, especially since there are still two months before the local Democratic Primary.

(All photos: Luke N. Vargas. 2008. All Rights Reserved.)


Anonymous said...

May the best candidate (Jon Hecht) win Kaprelian's seat!!

Anonymous said...

Hecht has this one in the bag?just lookat the number of signs he has up in watertown