Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Interesting Mix

Red, white, and blue Obama pins on expensive dresses. A girl with a green and yellow "Skidmore College" sweatshirt at a table with six women in pant-suits and fancy jewelry.

None of the campaign workers here will estimate the crowd size or how much it cost to reserve a table or a seat here, but knowing fundraisers, $1,000/person seems like a good place to start--access to John McCain's fundraisers begins at $500/person, with a sliding scale up to $2,300 for a VIP reception and photo op.

In short, there might be contrasts here visually--the sweatshirts and the sundresses--but Obama's fundraisers are still fundraisers, and the same rule applies: if you need to ask how much it costs to get in, you can't afford it.

Five minutes until the program begins...

[EDIT: The minimum donation per person for this morning's event was $250]

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