Friday, July 11, 2008

My (Unpleasant) iPhone Encounter

When Final Cut Pro Studio HD (my very pricey Apple video editing software) encountered a series of critical errors this morning, I figured I could do no better than to walk half a block from where I work in NYC to Apple's United States flagship retail store on Fifth Avenue.

As it turns out, Apple was more interested in making sure trend-obsessed iPhone 3G seekers got their devices than I could have someone look at the thousands of dollars of equipment and software I also purchased from them could be fixed.

"Where can I go to get help? My job revolves around this computer and software." I temped the security guards and Apple staff at the door to let me in so I could "buy a new MacPro." Even offering to throw down $5,000 in the store got me nowhere.

"I'm starting to wonder if a great computer company is turning into a phone and MP3 company," I muttered as I trudged back to work, knowing full well I could not DO anymore work until I could get some hardware help at an Apple store.

From the office window I could see the line of iPhone customers stretching around the block and up Madison Avenue.

The iPhone/iPod era certainly helps Apple rake in the money, but I've yet to see it improve the quality of Apple's computers or my customer satisfaction. For today, at least, I was not a happy customer.

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