Thursday, July 10, 2008

McCain Campaign Begins NH Intern Hunt

Read about it HERE.

The real news is that Barack Obama has been on the ground with a team of paid staffers and a few dozen "Obama Organizing Fellows" for some months now.

Obama's early mobilization on the ground in New Hampshire could certainly help him, but McClatchy's David Lightman acknowledges a strength of John McCain that Obama's timing may not be able to cancel out:
"McCain starts his bid for New Hampshire's four electoral votes with an important potential advantage: He's not only well-known, he's something of a local hero."

Obama did well in January's Democratic primary but didn't emerge a star here. He finished a close second to Hillary Clinton and won 41 percent of the independent vote, the best showing of any candidate among New Hampshire independents but not an overwhelming tally.

Obama is holding a solid margin over McCain in recent New Hampshire polling, but if the recent Republican Primaries there are any indication, voters don't realize how much they admire McCain until it's time to vote....and that's a long way away.

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