Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a Night

"We have the most votes, we have the most delegates, and we have the most diverse coalition."

I'm not the only one thinking about this.

Obama may have the most delegates now, but February 5, no matter how much you hate it or love it, is mean, cold, and hard.

Harder than New Hampshire and harder than Iowa...even harder than the flaming heat of Nevada and Vegas.

If Obama wins more than half of the February 5th states (and it wouldn't be impossible), then the door leading to the nomination could really open up. Hell, Obama could even step through it.

I've suggested in the past that looking at some key polls would be a good indication of where this race is going, but after New Hampshire and South Carolina polls proved so inaccurate, it'll be a lot more interesting to watch where Obama and Clinton focus their resources and media machines over the next few days. Even now, as Obama gives his victory speech, Bill Clinton is speaking in Missouri and the Clinton campaign settles into its new offices in Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, and Tennessee.

The National Campaign vs. The Diverse Coalition

Sounds like a heavyweight bout to me...

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