Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Travel Updates

1:15 am -- SleepNumber setting #20.

12:50 am -- Dominos Pizza arrives at hotel room.

12:05 am -- Joe Biden rally in Indianola being played on C-SPAN.

11:10 pm -- Informed bags didn't make it to Iowa. Supposed to call tomorrow at noon to check in on their status.

10:44 pm -- Arrive Des Moines Iowa International Airport. Both pilots swear incessantly as plane hatch is open and 5 degree Iowa weather rushes in.

9:47 pm -- Sweating. Survived the run from O'Hare terminal H to G. Radio host from Bloomberg Radio is behind me. 20% of this plane (easily) is reporters and supporters here for the Caucus.

7:03 pm -- Flight still delayed. Hoping to make the connection to Des Moines...

6:16 pm -- Laptop's battery dead. Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Tearing off page after page from my yellow pad. Flight "about to board."

5:00 pm -- Boston Logan Intl. Airport. 30 delay on flight to Chicago O'Hare

4:15 pm -- Depart Watertown, MA

12:15 pm -- Arrive Watertown, MA

10:15 am -- Depart Jaffrey, NH for Boston area by car. (Encounter heavy snow in southern New Hampshire)

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