Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Punches are Flying on Hardball

And this professor on right now, Michael Eric Dyson, ranting about Obama is driving me nuts.

In response to Pat Buchanan's inquiry as to whether the race question has helped make Obama even a little more beloved by Democrats, Dyson sounded off...and sounded ridiculous:

"Barack Obama has overcome despite the racial realities. Barack Obama has had to walk into the room proving he is highly intelligent, highly literate, capable of transcending any tribal loyalties, to articulate a transcendent vision that speaks to the entire universe of political reality."

What the @#$%?!

Let's admit it. Hillary Clinton was greatly helped in the New Hampshire primary because she received a big dose of 11th-hour sympathy by voters in the Granite State in part because she is a woman, just as Barack Obama's race also helps garner his candidacy extra attention and interest.

Either a Clinton or an Obama presidency would be unprecedented in this country's history?stop trying to make one seem more important than the other.

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