Friday, January 4, 2008

'O' at O'Hare

If the Obama excitement wasn't evident in Iowa, it is here in Chicago. The plane from Des Moines was packed with Obama volunteers, many of whom would be flying on straight to New Hampshire.

The Obama voters DID turn out last night, and the Obama staffers and volunteers are everywhere too. It's an interesting thing about the Obama campaign. So many people criticize the Clinton camp for its very up-front organizational backbone. Heck, I even got sick of seeing Terry McAuliffe all over the airwaves yesterday. Why Obama does so well with young voters is that they leave Obama himself to do the talking, not countless spokespersons and campaign managers. W hat's clear when you consider the kind of shows Obama puts on all the time is that the Obama campaign IS a machine, it's just one that tries to hide it.

Running a grassroots campaign coordinated from the top down isn't easy to do, but Obama's doing it....well.

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