Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who's Stronger?

If I'm in the mood for some election polls, RealClearPolitics has been my first stop, but since individual polls are so difficult to interpret, cumulative nationwide surveys like the ones at ElectoralVote.com are much more interesting and are becoming more and more intriguing to consider.

Keep in mind, however, that Obama was trailing McCain by around 50 electoral votes on this site a few days ago; these polls move day to day and about a dozen states are frequently change sides.

No matter how close the above map makes Iowa and New Mexico look, I see those states going to Obama in November. On the record: Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan will go for McCain in November. Heck, throw New Hampshire and Nevada in there, too. All that is contingent upon whether or not McCain can stay as strong as he's been and was during the most difficult periods of his primary campaign. The states are their for McCain to win, he just needs to show up to fight.

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