Friday, May 23, 2008

Hagee vs. Wright

This week's news concerns John McCain renouncing the endorsement of televangelist John Hagee, and the liberal media and blogosphere has been lapping up the story. What I've been hearing is this: McCain's earlier pursuit of Hagee's endorsement shows equally poor (or worse, as one Obama-friendly blogger wrote) judgement than Obama's continued connection (until recently) with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Quickly, before I drop this argument, I have two quick comments, and I'll make them as quick as I can:

— John McCain was NOT a member of Hagee's church, he never spent time listening to his sermons, he never brought his family to Hagee's sermons, and McCain never classified Hagee as a figure inspirational in shaping his beliefs. Obama, sadly, cannot say the same.

— Hagee and McCain have had a very smooth parting over the past few days, and Hagee just today remarked that it was "best for both of us and the country" that Hagee rescinded his endorsement of Obama. On the contrary, the Reverend Wright still stands by the things he says and his done little to get himself out of the public spotlight, only causing more damage to Obama.

Are Hagee and McCain both conservatives in the way Wright and Obama are liberals?


Does Hagee realize that it's more important for the livelihood of the Republican party this November if he avoids hogging the spotlight and lets McCain get back to campaigning?


Democrats be warned; the Republicans have united behind McCain. 100%

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