Friday, May 2, 2008

Silence is Golden

There are some things we wish would never be brought up again, and for anyone stuck in the middle of the Clinton v. Obama circus, reminding us of the now long-forgotten John Edwards campaign is one of them.

Joe Trippi (one of Edwards' top campaign advisors) published an article today about the regret he feels for not trusting his instincts to try to convince Edwards to stay in the presidential race. Trippi's writing is the kind of gut-wrenching display of hindsight that not only makes us wish Edwards were still around to try his luck against Hillary and Obama, but makes us very sorry Trippi did nothing to prevent Edwards from pulling out of the race.

I officially backed Hillary Clinton on January 13th of this year, after the Iowa Caucus and Senator Clinton's win in the New Hampshire Primary, so I don't know if I would have become an Edwards supporter or voter had he stuck around a little while longer, but there was one "very, very, very rare circumstance" under which we were told Edwards might want to consider remaining in the race: if no clear winner were determined quickly between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama...

...fancy that...

Read the article HERE.

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