Friday, May 30, 2008

Where Did High School Go?

For the past fifteen or so months of maintaining this blog my time has been broken down into two main categories: school work and my free time (which I filled with a social life and a dedication to covering the election).

I graduate from high school next week, but the structure of my life has already changed from the simple regimen that I was so used to. Instead of school work I have real work: one job during the week covering the election and writing (starting June 9th), the other on weekends, spending nine hour shifts in the sun performing manual labor. The Saturday and Sunday nights that I used to count on as my primary opportunities to socialize or blob around the house writing and researching are now nights where I feel like doing little more than rest my muscles and sleep.

The moral of the story is that I've been finding it hard to devote much time to this blog the past few weeks. There is, however, one very exciting bit of news coming up on June 8th that will undoubtedly push me into full swing again with my writing and political enthusiasm, and I'm excited to return to this blog once I get a hang of my new summer work schedule.

Now, off to get some rest for an early morning wake-up!

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