Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Photographers Talk About

The two guys next to me--I believe one works for the Wall St. Journal and the other for the Washington Post--are covering a wide range of topics. These events are media circuses but act as great opportunities for long-lost photography buddies working around the country to catch up with each other.

The topics of conversation at the moment are:

-What it's like photographing the troops in Iraq (they've both been there)

-How unfortunate it is that every once grand newspaper is now owned by a big media corporation

-The joys of "independent photojournalism projects"...a.k.a. sleeping most of the day and taking a few neat shots in the afternoon.

-How campaign locations have become televison sets (the ballroom here tonight will have more press than supporters, of which there will be around 750 I hear).

-That it's ridiculous these campaigns are letting inexperienced photographers/high school students into these events as press (oops!).

More from Hillary HQ later.

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