Saturday, April 19, 2008

The New York Times Proves its Worth

For a while The Daily Show seemed like the only program able to pull together the footage, the interviews, and the documents with incredible editorial precision to prove a point or expose a story. When so many news organizations simply latch onto day-to-day developments, the news world has been lacking a real player with the ability to comb archives, access private documents, and present a story that truly informs us of something we ought to know.

The New York Times' "How the Pentagon Spread Its Message" is a well-researched look into the inner-workings of the Pentagon's public relations operation and shows how the Defense Department corralled retired generals into launching a media blitz against anti-war and anti-Rumsfeld generals since before 2006.

As an interactive online investigation, the Times brilliantly combines audio, video, text, and a fantastic archive of Pentagon documents.

Instead of leaving me depressed about the day's events or upbeat about fluffy content, the Times' piece left me feeling informed, curious, and skeptical of the media and the Pentagon; it reminded me to be more discerning about information I absorb and where it comes from.

Explore the New York Times special investigation HERE.

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