Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Communication, Communication, Communication

After packing my camera and audio recording equipment, driving to New York yesterday, booking hotel rooms in New York and New Jersey, and a number of previous contacts with the Clinton campaign's PA press office, I found out at 11:00 PM last night that my request for press credentials for Senator Clinton's election night event in Philadelphia was being rejected.

I understand the difficulties that campaign press offices deal with when managing events like this--the ballroom at the Hyatt Philadelphia holds only 1,200 people and the room will undoubtedly be packed by day's end, but I've come too far and followed the Clinton campaign around too much--from New Hampshire, Iowa, and recently Indiana--to bow out now.

A giant inconvenience? Yes, especially because an email filter in the PA press office delayed my credential request until 45 minutes after the deadline, but I've been in and survived trickier situations than this.

Off to downtown Philadelphia — will be there in 3 hours!

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