Monday, April 7, 2008

Watch Out

I'm usually pretty cynical, but I don't believe the McCain campaign "planted," as some have alleged, pro-McCain supporters at the Senator's rally on MLK day.

Take a look:

Sure, there were some hecklers who kept bugging McCain after he apologized for having voted against establishing Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday decades ago, but it's worth noting that an old, white Republican could give a speech on MLK day in the city where Dr. King died, in front of a predominantly African-American crowd, and not get egged for acknowledging having once opposed MLK day. It's a sign of how strong an opponent McCain will be for the Democrats this November.

People claim that McCain is a dangerous politician in the way he makes mistakes and only comes around to realize and correct them later. I understand their worry. In an election year with a Democratic Senator who, in the face of criticism, attempts to defend her mistakes by leading voters through complicated role-playing games to make her Iraq War votes and NAFTA positions make sense, and another young Democratic Senator who looks good on paper but whose votes and answers to tricky questions leave many perplexed and unsatisfied, McCain's "straight-talk" is a perfect 2008 weapon on his side.

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