Friday, April 4, 2008

The Clinton Campaign Listens to Vargas2040!!

Well, not exactly. I doubt anyone at Team Clinton has bothered to read anything posted here.

I am excited, nonetheless, to see the Clinton camp using a new fundraising format for the Pennsylvania primary. The design is loosely based on a fundraising scheme I drafted up a few weeks ago in response to what I saw as weak attempts to get donors to pony up funds for Ms. Clinton.

Read my earlier post HERE.

Below is the new Clinton fundraising piece: "MyPA."

It's pretty straightforward, with each contributor having the power to select how his or her dollars are appropriated in the Pennsylvania campaign effort. Signs, vans, and television ads are interesting categories to choose among, but I still believe it's more empowering for a donor and political supporter to voice which issues are most important to them and that campaigns could benefit from hearing (in this particular instance) money talk.

Note:: A special pat on the back for the Clinton design team's use of the Pittsburgh Steelers' color palate for their new Pennsylvania site...yes, some people notice those little details.

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