Saturday, August 11, 2007

"I'm Tommy Thomspon, Son of a Grocer"....and a Former Presidential Candidate

Governor Tommy Thompson just finished speaking at the Ames Republican Straw Poll, and if he's betting his candidacy on a win or second place finish today, then he can count himself out.

I have to admit that when Steve Grubbs (Thompson's Iowa Chair) took the podium, he looked so solemn I suspected he was about to announce the end to Thompson's candidacy. Tommy began his speech by rambling on about his recent tour of Iowa, but to be fair, his speech got a bit louder and a bit more exciting as it continued--most notably his factually-incorrect comments about ANWR drilling and his idea of "medical diplomacy."

Beyond speeches, the numbers sure don't look good for Thompson. Sam Brownback, the speaker after Thompson is sporting a crowd of supporters about five times larger.

We'll see what the results are at 8pm, but don't expect Thompson to come in near the top.

UPDATE: Tommy Thompson finished SIXTH (yes, behind Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo) in the Ames Straw Poll and rumors from one of his top aides say he will withdraw from the campaign in the coming days.

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