Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Graduation Tour

I stumbled upon the Greyhound Bus website this morning and decided that after my graduation from high school this coming June I must embark (with anybody who cares to join) on a trip across America by bus, and around the Western Hemisphere by plane to visit the childhood homes of all of the 2008 presidential candidates for a photo-essay/once in a lifetime journey.

Here's the tentative schedule:

Start: Boston, MA
to: Springfield, MA (Mike Gravel)
to: Scranton, PA (Joe Biden)
to: Green Tree, PA (Ron Paul)
to: Cleveland, OH (Dennis Kucinich)
to: Detroit, MI (Mitt Romney)
to: Park Ridge, IL (Hillary Clinton)
to: Garnett, KS (Sam Brownback)
to: Denver, CO (Tom Tancredo)
to: Riverside, CA (Duncan Hunter)

to: Punahou, HI (Barack Obama)
to: Mexico City, Mexico (Bill Richardson)
to: Panama Canal Zone, Panama (John McCain)

to: Hope, AR (Mike Huckabee)
to: Sheffield, AL (Fred Thompson)
to: Robbins, NC (John Edwards)
to: Brooklyn, NY (Rudy Giuliani)
to: Willimantic, CT (Chris Dodd)
FINISH: Boston, MA

Sound tiring?

As a side note, I found it interesting 9 of the 17 politicians grew up in a state different than the area they represented during their time in office. It gives hope to my dream of one day moving away from Massachusetts and getting into politics elsewhere.

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