Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chess Masters

Since I've got a light load of reporting until Thursday, I figured I'd hold myself over with some YouTube-ing..

I don't doubt Richardson's record on gay issues, but it's the Governor's discomfort and the sheer awkwardness that radiated out from my computer screen that tells me he's not ready to be under fire in the Oval Office just yet. George Bush took his time reacting to the news of 9/11, but if he was asked the same question as Richardson was I'm sure he would have fired back an honest (albeit crazy) response quickly.

Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel has put out a new online video advocating a simple, yet often ignored part of the foreign policy discussion by either Democrats or Republicans.

It's an idea similar to Ron Paul's "blowback" or consitutionalism--both core American principles, but so far removed from today's politics they seem foreign. The larger picture here is that two small-name politicians are inserting powerful messages into the political debate. We can only hope that both Paul and Gravel's messages will be embraced by a more survivable candidate to advocate through November '08.

I've got a light load of reporting until Thursday,

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