Wednesday, August 15, 2007

House Cleaning

You know things are going from bad to worse when your own website's discussion board contains the following quotes all on the same page:

"It seems __________ has a lot of problems answering questions of any type in debates, every debate we've had so far he's had problems understanding questions etc. If we want to beat a republican, we have to have someone who isn't going to look weak and pathetic in a debate and appear that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Therefore I officially withdraw my support for ___________."

"If I don't see some kind of turn around in _______ campaign, I'm considering withdrawing my support too."

"We need a strong leader in the White House. At this point, I'm sorry to say I can no longer see my self supporting _________. He lost me :-("

Who are they talking about? None other than Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico.

The comments came in response to Richardson's performance at the HRC Forum, an almost-debate that focused on issues important to the gay community.

It seems that Richardson not only fumbled some of his answers during the forum, and, as one message poster on Richardson's site said, "...he seemed to be walking on egg shells, like he was trying too hard. He looked like anything but a leader," but his campaign's response the next morning attempting to clarify the Governor's statements received low marks as well. Some called it a reversal instead of a clarification. Others said the clarification was no better than the double-talk in Washington.

I can't say I've completely throw in the towel on Richardson, but unless his campaign pulls a 180 on us and starts making some real progress, the Governor is going nowhere but down--fast.

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