Saturday, August 11, 2007


It's not really news (as it's been circulating since June), but the internet media is throwing around quotes from Tom Tancredo and rumors about the Tommy Thompson campaign that the two will drop out of the presidential race if they don't perform well in today's Ames Straw Poll. For Trancredo, that means a top 5 finish, and Thompson says he's done if he doesn't place first or second, high results that seem out of reach for both men.

To be honest, I like the Ron Pauls of the campaign, and I hope he doesn't (and he certainly won't) drop out of the race until next year at least, but the likes of Tancredo, Thompson, and Hunter have added little to the campaign and clutter the debates without adding any positive dialogue. Tancredo and Hunter are one-issue candidates, and Thompson has as little charisma as you'd expect from the Secretary of Health and Human services. My money's on at least one of them to make a departure from the campaign in the coming days.

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