Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Webb County, Texas

If one uncounted district stands out on the Texas primary results map, it's Webb County.

Bordering Mexico and including the city of Laredo, early results from Webb Country show Ms. Clinton ahead 77% to Obama's 21%. Southeastern Texas is swinging dramatically to Clinton tonight, largely because of the high Latino populations in these counties, and Webb County is no exception to that trend.

Though Hillary currently leads by 2.5% statewide, Harris County (greater Houston) and Tarrant County (Fort Worth) are still largely uncounted. Those two districts will help Senator Obama, but Webb County, along with solid Clinton support in El Paso, San Antonio, Val Verde County, and a handful of other border counties, Hillary looks like she can hang onto a win in Texas.

Reports from the Lonestar State indicate lots of disorganization at caucus sites, which could dampen turnout, but look for Obama to still perform strongly. Argue all you want about how fair or unfair the caucus system is (and after watching a caucus in person in Iowa I think they're an awful form of "democratic voting"), but Obama will fare much better in that voting scheme.

Waiting until the early morning for results? You bet!

UPDATE: Webb County ended up voting 77% to 21% in favor of Sen. Clinton

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