Friday, March 28, 2008

New York for Bloomberg...still?

Three days in New York City and I've overheard or been a part of three conversations about a Bloomberg candidacy. The situation New Yorkers see (and I think is within the realm of possibility) is Obama clinching the nomination within the next month or so, not holding up well in the face of continued pressure from McCain and a Republican machine that will play hardly as friendly as Hillary Clinton has, and a Republican base that doesn't completely warm up to McCain. It would be the perfect entrance point for Bloomberg, who, according to one New Yorker I spoke with, said "Bloomberg took on the gun lobbies, he took on the tobacco industry, and he's making this city greener, all without ever holding a fundraising event or asking for my money."

And the rewards of the Bloomberg mayorship can be seen all around the city. Not only did New York lead the way in banning smoking in restraunts and public spaces before most other cities considered taking on that challenge, but Bloomberg made a bold move by passing laws requiring the city's cabs go hybrid and putting aside money for the planting of 250,000 trees in Manhattan.

Will Bloomberg actually jump in the race? Who knows, but New Yorkers LOVE him...and this is "Hillary Country."

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