Thursday, October 18, 2007

Huckabee, $$, and Ron Paul

All the analysts say Mike Huckabee has the charm, but not the traction to be a viable GOP candidate. Those analysts can make whatever claims they want, but the newest Rasmussen poll has Huckabee at 18% in the state, only 7 points behind Mitt Romney, and statistically tied with Fred Thompson.

So what's holding Huckabee back on a national level? Let these two graphics from the homepages of Huckabee and Ron Paul:


-Ron Paul-

Yeah, that's right. Ron Paul is looking to raise $4 million before the end of the month. Huckabee on the other hand is looking for only $200,000.

Since starting this post a little over 20 minutes ago, the Paul campaign has brought in an additional $2,000 versus Huckabee's $300.

Regardless, these two guys have spent a combined $4 million on their campaigns--can Mitt Romney, Clinton, or Obama say they've done so much with the money they've spent as Huckabee and Paul have done for elevating political discourse in this country?

I think not.

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