Tuesday, October 23, 2007

From the State House to the White House

Barack Obama was in town tonight for a rally with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. This time last year it was Obama who made campaign stops during Patrick's gubernatorial campaign, but today was Patrick's turn to weigh in on the presidential election with a nice juicy endorsement of his own.

The Obama campaign says they drew a crowd of 9,500 on the Common, but the numbers are less important than what the event means for the presidential election right now: Hillary can't slack off.

Sure, Clinton may lead in early polls, but if college students and energized Americans can skip studying and prime-time television for a few hours to wait for and listen to Obama in threatening weather, they might just take a break to vote for him in the coming election. Throw in the high number of Clinton supporters who say they aren't completely sold on their candidate, and you've got a recipe for surprisingly strong showings from Barack in Iowa and New Hampshire.

If an idea for a longer event summary comes to mind I'll write it up this weekend.

(all photos: 2007 by Luke N. Vargas. All Rights Reserved.)

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