Thursday, October 18, 2007

The First Domino Falls

Word is that Senator Sam Brownback will be the next to drop out of the 2008 presidential race (read it HERE).

I never spent much time following Brownback around New Hampshire, but the few times I saw him summed up his campaign's basic strength and biggest barrier pretty easily: Brownback was interesting enough to listen to, but neither charismatic or bold enough to seek out. In fact, the one memory I will have of Brownback once the '08 election wraps up is that he had a joint campaign stop with Democrat Joe Biden on their Iraq federal proposal.

So what does this mean for the GOP field?

Is a Brownback endorsement for Huckabee or John McCain coming?

Though Brownback never rallied the entire Christian right as he hoped, throwing his weight behind Huckabee would be a big move, and one that could really kick-start the Governor's campaign and give him the traction he needs.

And with that, best of luck to Brownback in the 2010 Kansas Governor race!

(photo credit: 2007 by Luke N. Vargas. All Rights Reserved.)

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