Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ron Paul – Keene State University

Yesterday afternoon, Texas Congressman Ron Paul held a town hall meeting with students and supporters at Keene State University. It was my first time on campus, and I was very impressed with the facilities that I saw and the large crowd that turned out to hear Dr. Paul speak.


As for the event itself, the write ups from the "mainstream media" outlets (CNN, NBC) focused on a brief interruption by students who conducted another of the infamous "mic checks"—born of the Occupy Wall Street movement—that have been disrupting public events countrywide in recent weeks. But there was more to the event than that, and Paul surprised the young crowd on a number of occasions by rattling off facts that illustrated the size of the American government, diplomatic force, and overseas military presence in an attempt to put into perspective the necessity of his major overhauls of domestic and foreign policy policy.

All told, Paul's handling of young crowds, and his ability to guide his language towards examples and talking points that strike a chord with typically-disaffected college students, reveals a strength of his candidacy that's not properly acknowledged in polls.


The talk among fellow photographers returning from Iowa is that Paul's connections among influential communities may well buoy him on election day much more than conventional candidates such as Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, Romney, or Cain. Paul is, after all, tied for second place in New Hampshire with Newt Gingrich, and has maintained his organization and grown his support in the state over time, while other candidates have stumbled into New Hampshire fresh off the national stage and made strategic errors that have ultimately paralyzed them here.

In Iowa and New Hampshire, I look forward to the continuing excitement that will inevitably dominate Dr. Paul's campaign stops.

View my complete gallery from the event here.


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