Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Man of the Day: John Tester (D-MT)

"I'm a dirt farmer. You guys [referring to Sec. Paulson and crew] have been in the business.

Why do we have one week to determine $700 billion that has to be appropriated, or this country's financial systems go down the pipes? 

Wasn't there some opportunity sometime down the line where we could have been informed of how serious this crisis was so we could take some preventative steps before this got to this point?"

A tremendous (and tremendously simple) question that we have yet to hear an answer to.

UPDATE: A reader responding to a similar article to this one on Salon.com wrote: "Unfortunately, Dodd stepped on the question a bit after Sen. Tester was done. You'll also note that no one ever answered Tester's question."

Yes, for all the things I like about Senator Dodd, he dropped the ball today on that question, most likely because Tester's question was a deviation from Dodd's prepared remarks.

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