Friday, September 26, 2008

LIVEBLOGGING: The Threat from Iran

MCCAIN—Iran is a threat to Israel and the region. "We cannot allow a second holocaust." The Russians are holding up action in the United Nations. McCain brings up one of his more interesting proposals: "A League of Democracies"—a group of like-minded nations (without the veto power of countries like China and Russia) that can help push forward a common diplomatic policy.

OBAMA—Warns about the nuclear threat of Iran. "We cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran." Warns that Iran going nuclear could set off a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race. Unlike McCain, Obama wants to bring China and Russia into the debate. Highlights difference with McCain: Obama would negotiate directly with Iran. 

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Anonymous said...

McCain "second holocaust".
What a load of crap! The Republicans do love to stir the shit. Don't they?