Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Washington: Decades Behind

Do you believe in the slogan, "Change That Works for You?"

Does "Courageous service—Experienced Leadership—Bold Solutions" sound like a joke to you?

The past few days we've heard about how two energy bills, one that would place a windfall profits tax on oil companies, were stopped in the United States Senate. The jury is still out on who to blame for the high cost of gas now, and in my eyes it's not just the oil companies. I can see why a tax on oil companies wouldn't make it through Congress, but the fact that the other bill?promoting alternative energy sources?didn't make it to the floor astonishes me.

Washington DC. 2008. Still decades behind.

No matter who our next president is, alternative energy bills won't just be taken up starting in January of 2008, they'll be raced through Congress by either Barack Obama or John McCain.

Plain and simple, there's NO good reason we shouldn't start thinking about life after oil.

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