Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Does the Northeast Matter?

You bet.

Idaho, Alabama, North Dakota, Kansas, and Georgia. All of them are states Barack Obama has won tonight.

These states won't pull as hard for Republicans in '08 as they did in '04, but nevertheless, those five are DEEP red Republican territory. By the numbers those five were 69%, 63%, 63%, 62%, and 58% Republican in 2006, respectively. These states do mean something, and their delegates certainly count, but Republicans aren't looking to give up their home turf in a general election no matter who the candidate is.

Barack, stop telling Democrats that you're going to "be competitive" in states like ND, ID, KS—it ain't happenin'.

Hillary Clinton's Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey wins show her solid support in deep blue Democratic states, and wins in Tennessee and Missouri represent support in hotly contested states in the 2006 midterms.

It doesn't mean much as far as getting the nomination, but it shows Hillary is winning over traditionally Democratic states.

The night continues and I'm still waiting for vote counts from my home town of Watertown.

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