Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Of course not, I'm still voting for Hillary. Instead, it's called being a Democrat—an open-minded and progressive voter. There's only a 50/50 chance my side wins today, but it's a day I'm happy about.

At the heart of it, two Democrats are fighting about who has a better plan for insuring Americans, protecting our environment, and responsibly ending the war in Iraq. Can you imagine? As briefly as possibly I wanted to sum up how I feel about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and end things on a positive note before the voting starts in under an hour.

Barack Obama

A figure that truly does move towards a middle ground in American politics. There's a chance Obama could really expand the Democratic party by bringing in new voter groups. On health care, Barack Obama's plan may not be "universal" in the true sense of the word, but it is certainly a big step in the right direction, and it may end up being easier for independent and possible Republican defects to swallow than Clinton's plan.

Assuming Senator McCain is the Republican nominee, Obama will have some work to do battling McCain's practical way of dealing with the Iraq War vs. Obama's more personal opposition to the conflict. How long do voters stand with Obama and the message of change and hope he's broadcasting now? If the explosive enthusiasm he's riding at the moment continues, there is a real chance a Democrat can get back in the White House.

Hillary Clinton

Using a more traditional way of doing business, Hillary is seeking to continue the path of reform started almost 16 years ago by her husband. Some say that's a bad road to go down and that Hillary is too divisive a politician. She's certainly not soft in her positions and her criticism, but she knows how to work the 'system' in Washington that's impossible to avoid. Avoiding the temptations of lobbyists, fighting hard, working the system...it's tricky but possible. Hillary's solid liberal credentials and party ties combined with her willingness to bloody her knuckles in order to get results from a government widely mistrusted is a bold challenge. Hillary just might be the leader of the Democratic movement that didn't emerge following the 2006 election.

How lucky we are to have this choice today.

Happy Super Tuesday!

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