Sunday, April 22, 2007

The VideoVets Project: Decide for yourself

VideoVets: John Bruhns

Half the time I visit I'm excited that someone out there agrees with me, but more recently I've found myself leaving the site disappointed by the way people have been spinning certain arguments.

Take for example a post this past Thursday about's new project, VideoVets.
A poster wrote on the main page of the blog that MoveOn's project, which displays a series of videos from soldiers who oppose current policy in Iraq, that:

"The left has gone from demonizing the military during the Vietnam War to victimizing our troops today. MoveOn's new VideoVets Project is a sad undertaking and political stunt to demoralize our soldiers in Iraq."


"MoveOn is using our brave soldiers as pawns in its political game. Tell them to stop."

More than 1.4 million men and women are currently on active duty in the United States military, and it's wrong for anyone to speak on behalf of them, or even to seemingly "protect" them from being "used as pawns" in a game for political gain.

Speak to your neighbor's son or daughter who has just returned from Iraq, watch the videos on the new VideoVets site, and read a soldier's blog. Just as they proport to be protecting the soldiers' opinions from being played with, this particular RedState blogger is playing YOU as the pawn here.

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