Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recapping the Continental Congress 2.0

By Luke Vargas

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Since the 2010 midterms, numerous groups have risen to challenge the current direction of American government. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street both challenged establishment positions, with the Tea Party attacking lawmakers from the right, and Occupy taking aim at the increasing amount of corporate money in politics.

As a growing number of voices within the Occupy movement call for a clear articulation of the group’s demands, a non-partisan group with roots in the movement is attempting to do just that by planting the seeds of Constitutionally-sanctioned action by drafting an official Petition for the Redress of Grievances.

The document, “The 99% Declaration,” was created over the course of a three-day gathering convened in Philadelphia last week, and will be delivered to members of Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House within the coming months.

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