Sunday, March 27, 2011

When Every Page View Matters

This blog receives but a few hundred hits each month. Of them, the majority of these visitors link in from a photo of opera singer Giuseppe DiStefano I published over two years ago. Sometimes I wonder who exactly the words here reach, but sometimes stories emerge that demand to be published regardless of how many people, if anyone, reads them.

Yesterday morning a woman entered a hotel in Tripoli used as a compound for foreign journalists and told a disturbing story of being raped and assaulted by Libyan militiamen. Within moments the security apparatus that sustains the Gaddhafi regime revealed itself as plainclothes officers and supposed hotel employees attempted to subdue the woman and separate her from the journalists eager to hear her story.

After a few minutes and numerous attempts by journalists to keep the woman from being hauled away she was finally shuffled into an unmarked vehicle and rushed away.

Should a single individual be made aware of the frightening states of fear, propaganda, and intimidation that exist in our world, this brief post will be the most important ever posted to this space.

Investigate the story, photos, and videos below:

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