Sunday, December 23, 2007

Making Lists, Checking Them More Than Twice

10 days until Iowa.

There is some last-minute web design work being done to set up an external site for me to post on while in Iowa?should things not work out I'll stay on here and try to integrate in Flickr slide shows and YouTube clips I'm taking in Des Moines as often as I can.

The site has been receiving the usual light stream of visitor traffic, but I'm hoping to get a good following going during the Caucus week, and to continue the momentum on through New Hampshire and most of January. I may advertise myself as the "blogger in New Hampshire," but that doesn't mean I'm stopping after January 8.

It's snowing again in Des Moines?time to find return to the photo store for another big purchase...waterproof camera cover.

It never ends.

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