Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Money, New Design, Same Message

Ron Paul's message of preserving the Constitution's protection of American independence, and personal liberty has been the backbone of his campaign from the start. What Paul didn't always have was piles of money which he could use to help spread his message across the traditional broadcast media (he long ago conquered the internet).

According to his website, Ron Paul's campaign raked in more than $3.8 million in a volunteer-led initiative to flood his campaign with donations on November 5th.

There's no doubt that that rate of fundraising can't be sustained, but that doesn't mean Paul won't be able to bring in larger dollar amounts than a number of his competitors in the Republican and Democratic fields.

In the past 10 minutes alone--almost 1 A.M. EST--Paul's website reports taking in more than $10,100.

Besides print and television advertising campaigns, what is all this money being put towards?

For one, it seems Ron Paul is following the lead of Democrat Barack Obama in promoting some flashy public events in major American cities complete with musical guests. Not only is the idea of massive, visually-impressive rallies a page out of the Obama book, but it looks as if Ron Paul hired Obama's poster designer to promote his upcoming event in Philadelphia.

Keep it up Ron, you've earned the right to play with the big boys.

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