Saturday, September 15, 2007

From Summer to Fall

Hearing "highs in the low 60's for Sunday" caught me off guard today. Though school's been in session for about a week and half, I was still fighting to hold onto summer, but it's increasingly hard to ignore the early morning chill.

The changing of the seasons isn't so difficult for me though; any New Englander knows the snow and cold that comes with living here. And while the temperature will slide slowly in the next three months, the presidential campaign has already moved on from the joys of summer. The low 60's number has some significance in campaign terms as well: candidates like Hillary Clinton have already pulled in fundraising past the $60 million mark, and it will talk some cold hard cash to keep the visits to New Hampshire coming.

Some candidates will inevitably never experience the New Hampshire winter like their wealthier opponents who stick around through the primary. Already, many of the second-tier presidential hopefuls have had to scale back their campaigning efforts, with debates and forums being the only chance they travel up north. It's exciting to read that Maine is predicting a strong foliage this year, and I can't help but get excited for seeing Southern lawmakers and governors from all around the country (especially John McCain) experience the Fall clothing shift and suit up in leather jackets and, for those looking to appease the locals, Red Sox windbreakers.

It all makes me want to hop in the car with some essential fall music and take in the White Mountains...

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