Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Tuesday Morning Conference Call

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee hosted a bloggers conference call this morning with guests James Robison and Michael Farris. The Governor fielded questions from a number of bloggers on everything from his recent surge in Iowa and New Hampshire polls to fundraising efforts and education policy.
Huckabee's two guests provided the discussion with some good points and obervations:
Robison commented that the next President must communicate with people and deal with the media.

Farris added that Huckabee is the most able political communicator he's ever met, a statement that I can understand. On the occasions that I've met him, Huckabee is genuine and, unlike other candidates, doesn't answer a question in the shortest way possible in order to move on. Farris also pointed out that the only Republicans to win the presidency in recent history have been true conservatives; moderates don't win. He concluded by saying that, "Mayors of New York don't win. Governors win."

I wasn't able to ask my prepared question to the Governor, but Huckabee and his campaign managers have recognized the positive reception for these conference calls and Huckabee mentioned he would be holding another call soon.

Even if you don't agree with his politics, Huckabee is the great communicator of the 2008 race, and his campaign is following its candidate's sprit by being one of the most open and accessible for bloggers like me.

Hats off to Huckabee!

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