Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What's All This About 'Dividing'?

Hillary Clinton has been slapped with the label of "a divider" and "too partisan" in recent months, mainly because she is among the most vocal critics of the current administration. Hillary may not be the best candidate out there, but her frontrunner status naturally draws her criticism. I have no doubt that Edwards, Obama, or Richardson would receive similar treatment if they were sitting atop the polls.

As soon as Hillary's name began to gain press a few years back, it became clear to me that conservatives would love to have Hillary around as a Democratic nominee so they could unload anti-Clinton rhetoric on her with ease. Us moderates and conservatives initially believed that by stamping such a label on Hillary we would be able to debase her stock before the election even moved on to a contest of issues and policy. Now, however, the criticism that Hil has been receiving is actually dividing us more than we realize. Let's cut the crap and listen to what she has to say; and, after all that I still think she's a 'divider,' than I'll let you know.

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